Suburb to Suburb Limo Hire

There are more than 250 suburbs within Melbourne, and going from point to point can sometimes prove to be a trying task. If you’re looking to make your trip more relaxed and comfortable, why not book one of our limousines?

Why book our limousine service?

Within the numerous suburbs within Melbourne, there are many communities with their own distinct character and venues that you can visit and explore. However, it can be a head-scratcher to attempt reaching these destinations via public commute.

Booking our shuttle services for other functions may also be the smarter choice. Say for example, that a friend is organising a house party at Gowanbrae and several of your friends live in St. Helena. it might be more economical to just pitch in and book a limo or van rather than everyone going individually. This means choosing a limo service as your best travel option is not only a luxury, but also a practical decision.

We provide exemplary service at reasonable rates so you can get the best value for your money. Our professional chauffeurs are very dependable, courteous, and are committed to making your trip as pleasant and hassle free as possible. Our vehicles are kept in top shape so you can travel in style in comfort while you enjoy their various amenities as we safely drive you to your destination.

Our Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz S-Class – This luxury sedan is our primary fleet car and can seat up to 4 persons.
Mercedes-Benz Viano – More than just an MPV, the viano is a combination of practicality and comfort, and can seat up to 7 passengers.
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – The largest vehicle in our fleet and can seat up to 12 people, the Sprinter has proven to be a cut above similar vans from other carmakers.

Give us a call at 0427 153 535 to know more about our limousine services. We’re happy to entertain any questions and address any concerns you might have.